Cool websites

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Hey, I love websites! Do you love websites? Of course you do! Here are some websites I really like that I've found over the years.

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Social medias

I love alternative social medias. I think it's great to get a break from a borderline monopolized social media spaces. Here are the ones I've come to enjoy.


Spacehey is a retro MySpace clone, with some upgrades. It's quite nice if you want to maintain a blog, or you're some weirdo scenecore / webcore person :P


A microblogging-type platform made by a team of three. It allows for a lot of post customizeation, i mean full-on CSS access. Not BBCode or something shitty like that. It's a whole lot of fun :)


A decentralized (not in a blockchain way) social media platform. Like a bunch of social medias using the same base that can connect with eachothers, but also stand as their own thing.
I have my own favorites. for Pokémon stuff, Tech.LGBT for fellow queer people in tech, as a general instance... Those are the ones I'm mostly on!



Now for actual websites eh?

NAMCO High mirror

Also hosted on Neocities! If you want to play this lesser known, weird little thing.

Rainbow text HTML

A rainbow text generator for HTML websites!


A website to find old archived gifs from geocities, very useful for making websites have this 90's/2000's flair!


A website with a bunch of ressources for Petz games!


A web tool to help build posts for

A drawing of a yellow deer holding a cherry