Polaroid and Currycutta Dondy next to eachothers, and Polaroid saying FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! Thank you for reading!
I coded this site on a whim, at midnight. It isn't refined and for now it'll stay this way. So please don't say mean things about the footer on desktop lol
This should list the questions I usually get? If I get some more, i'll probably add 'em as I go. I don't have as much of a content limit on here comparing to my carrd, who already asked me to pony up the subscription for more space. bweh!
Anyways, hope this helps! If not, feel free to send me a youtube comment! :)

What do you play on?

I write on what game / What simulators i'm playing in every video title and description. But here are the games and simulators I play on


  • TJAPlayer3 Develop
  • TJAPlayer3
  • Taiko Web
  • Taikojiro


  • Taiko no Tatsujin Drum 'n' Fun
  • Taiko no Tatsujin Rhythmic Adventure Pack

How do you record your gameplay?

I record my gameplay on my computer using OBS, and I stream using streamlabs. I may sometimes record switch footage with my sister's Elgato HD60, thought this will be very rare.

There are plenty of tutorials online on how to record gameplay with OBS! Do look for some if you're interested in recording gameplay yourself!

How do you install TJAPlayer3?

This guide should have everything you need to know about how to install TJAPlayer3 and songs.


TJADatabase linked above should also have guides for other Taiko simulators like Taiko Web.

How do you find songs for TJAPlayer3?

PSA: dabbling in downloading maps of unauthorized copyrighted songs (Basically the entire Taiko library) is very much like dabbling in emulation. You can get where I'm heading. With that being said, i'm NOT responsible if you are in trouble for DLing songs that aren't authorized to be put in tja format.

This will explain how to obtain songs

I reccomend looking throught Taikotime to find the japanese titles of songs to find the song DL. Search the song's english name on the search bar and look thru the articles found until you find your song's JP title.


If you add new songs, I reccomend you delete the songlist.db and song.db files to update your library, as sometimes it doesn't update itself when new files are put in.

I can’t find a download for a song!

It happens sometimes. Some songs just aren't available publicly. Maybe nobody mapped it, or the map got copyright claimed, or the mapper made the map private.

Can you provide me your songpack?

Sorry, but no. This was a songpack a fellow donder provided to me, but it's too much of a huge file for me to host and share around. TJADatabase should have some premade songpacks for you.

How do you do [X hard song part here]?

Lots of practice is required lol. Heres a few things I do to learn hard song parts:

  • Practice handswitching (read here)
  • Use the AUTOPLAY feature to understand a pattern better
  • Practice doing the hand movements while watching the AUTOPLAY (Ghosting)
  • Watch others play the song and try to ghost them

That's basically what I do